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Transport Area Working Group (Active WG)
Tsv Area: Mirja Kühlewind, Spencer Dawkins | 1999-Oct-22 —  

IETF-104 tsvwg agenda

Session 2019-03-25 1610-1810: Congress Hall 1 - Audio stream - tsvwg chatroom
Session 2019-03-26 1120-1220: Congress Hall 3 - Audio stream - tsvwg chatroom


          TSVWG at IETF 104 Prague
          Monday, 25 March 2019, Afternoon Session II 1610-1810
          Room Name: Congress Hall 1 
                    WG Chairs: Gorry Fairhurst, David Black, Wes Eddy (remote)
                    Session I
                    1. Agenda
                    2. Chairs Update: (15 mins)
                        RFC's completed:
                        draft-ietf-tsvwg-rfc4960-errata (AD) Document Shepherd: Gorry
                        Drafts beyond WGLC:
                        draft-ietf-tsvwg-fecframe-ext (IESG) Document Shepherd: Wes
                        draft-ietf-tsvwg-rlc-fec-scheme (IESG) Document Shepherd: Wes
                        draft-ietf-tsvwg-le-phb  (IESG) Document Shepherd: David
                        draft-ietf-tsvwg-ecn-encap-guidelines (need reviewers + another WGLC)
                        draft-ietf-tsvwg-rfc6040update-shim (need reviewers + another WGLC)
                    2.1 IANA Registries
                         No updates
                    2.2 Chairs: Milestone updates (5 minutes)
                    2.3 Chairs: Announcements and Heads-Up (5 minutes)
                        MISSREF*R(1G) document in C238 has been overtaken by LE-PHB
                        draft-ietf-tsvwg-rlc-fec-scheme - Chairs
                        draft-roca-tsvwg-tinymt32 - Chairs
                    2.4 Implementation (5 minutes)
                        - Feedback from Hackathon
                    2.5 Chairs: Other Drafts Related to TSVWG (5 minutes)
                        draft-olteanu-intarea-socks-6      - For info (Please discuss on INTAREA list)
                        draft-eastlake-sfc-nsh-ecn-support - For info (Please discuss on sfc list
                        draft-li-tsvwg-loops-problem-opportunities  - For info (Discuss on tsvwg list)
                    3.  Transport and Network
                    3.1 Colin Perkins: Impact of Transport Header Encryption (15 mins)
                    3.2 Bob Briscoe: L4S ECN drafts (10 mins)
                  4. New Work
                    4.1 Greg White (remote): Identifying and Handling Non-Queue Building Flows
                        in a Bottleneck Link  (15 mins)
                    4.2 Dave That: Some congestion experienced (10 mins)
                    4.3 Markus Amend: Multipath DCCP (If time permits) (10 mins)
                    4.4 Heads-Up other new work - see end of agenda (10 minutes)
              Tuesday, 26 March 2019, Morning Session II 1120-1220
              Room Name: Congress Hall 3 
                    5.  Transport Protocols and Mechanisms
                    5.1 Michael Tuexen: SCTP Working Group Drafts  (10 min)
                        SCTP.bis - discussion of normative changes
                    5.2 Tom Jones: Datagram PLPMTUD (10 mins)
                    5.3 Joe Touch (proxy): UDP Options (15 mins)
                    6.  New Work (if time permits)
                    6.1 Tommy Pauley HTTP/2 as a Transport, in Transport Area (15 minutes)
                        draft-kinnear-httpbis-http2-transport - WG to be determined
                    6.2 Maxim Proshin (10 mins)
           Note: The cutoff date for remote presentations is March 23, 2018
          -------------- Requested made, not scheduled ------------------
                      Bob Briscoe:  Interactions between L4S and Differentiated Services
                      Greg White: Low Latency DOCSIS draft
                      Thomas Fossati (remote) (related to NQB)
                      Tom Herbert: UDP Surplus Space Header (related to UDP Options)
                      Checksum Compensation Options for UDP Options (related to UDP Options)
                      Yizhou: UDP-Options Latency 

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