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Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (Concluded WG)
Rtg Area: Alvaro Retana, Deborah Brungard, Martin Vigoureux | 2005-Jun-29 — 2018-Mar-19 

IETF-101 trill minutes

Session 2018-03-19 1740-1840: Palace C - Audio stream - trill chatroom


minutes-101-trill-00 minutes

          London Hilton Metropole Hotel, England
                  Monday, 19 March 2018.
                  17:40-18:40 Palace C Room
          Chairs:    Sue Hares (Hickory Hill Consulting)
                     Jon Hudson (self)
          Secretary: Donald Eastlake (Huawei)
          Minutes of the Last TRILL WG Meeting
          [In the absence of both co-chairs, Donald Eastlake presided.]  [Times
          given are the amount orignally scheduled, not the amount of time
          actually taken.]
          Alia Atlas (Juniper, TRILL RTG AD): People in the back should move
            forward since it's really hard to get choclate to them in back.
            5 min.  Administrativia (scribes), Agenda Bashing, Chairs
          See slides:
          Donald Eastlake (Huawei, Acting Chair): Well, I guess we'll get
          underway. I'm Donald Eastlake with Huawei and will be acting as Chair,
          in the absence of the co-chairs, since I'm WG Secretary. People should
          be aware of the Note Well ... Anyone willing to volunteer to be Jabber
          scribe? [inaudible] OK, Alia has volunteered to do that.
          Donald: This is planned to be the last TRILL WG meeting. No one else
          has requested to present so I will be presenting on the History of
          TRILL. Any agenda bashing? Anything to add or delete? I guess there
          isn't much to delete. Since there is no response, I'll go over
          document status.
            5 min.  Status, Chairs
          Donald: These slides are almost up to date. We have had one RFC
          published since the last TRILL meeting and we have a bunch of
          dcouments in the RFC Editor's queue, including one more not shown
          here. Of these Centralized Replication was added to the RFC Editor's
          queue a while ago and is now in AUTH48, about to pop out. ... [reviews
          the other drafts now in the RFC editors queue] ... We have other
          drafts ... aggregated multi-level ... group keying drafts will
          probably go to SECDISPATCH. There are also the YANG drafts. These have
          mostly bee handled by Sue Hares as co-Chair but she has a health
          problem and is not here. I believe she plans to complete them. There
          is a base TRILL YANG draft and one on OAM plus one on Performance
          Measurement [PM]. There are RFC on how to do OAM and PM but these are
          the YANG models. There is also a draft in the IDR WG on sending TRILL
          link state through BGP.
          [Attempt by Ramkumar Parameswaran to participate as a remote
          speaker. Sound quality was too poor.]
          Alis: Can't hear you very well. Try typing?
          Donald: Send it on Jabber perhaps.
          Alia: Oh, it's about the Parent Selection draft. Is you question how
          it would progress? Yes. That's it.
          Donald: He is the author of that draft.
          Alia: What's going on is that we had a lot of work to finish up in
          TRILL.  I expect to close the TRILL WG after this meeting.  If you
          have enthusiasm for persuing the Parent Selection draft you have some
          options.  You can bring it to the RTGWG Working Group. We can talk
          about that.  Or you can talk to Martin [Martin Vigoureaux, new RTG AD]
          about AD sponsoring the draft. Does that answer you question? OK,
          Alia: We have gotten an amazing amount of work through with
          TRILL.  There are deployments.  I'm expecting to close the WG is about
          an hour. There is one document, TRILL over IP, that didn't make the
          cut off.  There are some issues with that one -- Martin is taking over
          moving that draft forward.
          Donald: Well, I could start my presentation now but there is a cake at
          the back of the room. Unforuntately, those participating remotely will
          not be able to partake of the cake, which just rolled into the
          room. Perhaps we can take a brief recess. And I want to get a picture
          of the cake before any pieces are cut out of it.  Then other people
          are welcome to take some.
          [The WG recessed to partake of the cake.]
          [Alia also distributed some caramels.]
          [Margaret Cullen noted that she (then Margaret Wasserman) was the AD
          when the TRILL WG was formed, initially in the INTERNET Area, and Alia
          who will close the TRILL WG is here now so we have both "bookends".]
          [Donald: Well, we can just send a message to the IETF 101 Attendees
          list at the end of the session saying there is still some cake in
          Palace C, come and get it.]
          [Session got back underway.]
           15 min.  TRILL History, Donald Eastlake
          Donald: I took this presentation I did on TRILL a few years ago and
          tweaked it. It still has way too many slides but I'll go fast on the
          ones people should already know. But it may be interesting to look at
          them again.
          See Slides:
          [Some problems with the .ppt version because animation wasn't working.
          Switched to PDF version.]
          Donald: ... ... ...
            5 min.  Wrap-Up, Chairs
          Donald: Any other things people want to bring up for this meeting? If
          not I will adjourn this meeting, which is the last TRILL meeting.
          Donald: There are blue sheets. I assume everyone has signed them.
          [inaudible question about presentations]
          Donald: There is a YouTube video of a presentation I gave a Nanog. It
          was called the "Great Debate" but I was the only TRILL presenter while
          several people presented on Shortest Path Bridging. So I felt kind of
          outnumbered and I don't think I did a very good presentation. If you
          can't find this on YouTube you should be able to find it on the Nanog

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