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IETF-110 suit agenda

Session 2021-03-11 1530-1630: Room 8 - suit chatroom



          Agenda for SUIT Working Group at Virtual IETF 110
          1) Logistics
             - Agenda Bashing
             - Minute Taker
             - Jabber Scribe
             - Bluesheets
          2) SUIT Architecture
             - draft-ietf-suit-architecture
             - No discussion; document is with the RFC Editor
          2) SUIT Information Model
             - draft-ietf-suit-information-model
             - Discuss issues raised by IESG Evaluation
          4) SUIT Manifest Format
             - draft-ietf-suit-manifest
             - Discuss open issues; get ready for WG Last Call
          5) Secure Reporting of Update Status
             - draft-moran-suit-report
             - WG call for adoption underway; adopt now?
          6) Strong Assertions of IoT Network Access Requirements
             - draft-moran-suit-mud
             - Discuss open issues; get ready for WG call for adoption
               (to be done in parallel with the IESG recharter)
          7) Any Other Business (if time permits)
          Jabber: xmpp:suit@jabber.ietf.org?join
          MeetEcho: https://www.meetecho.com/ietf110/suit
          Etherpad: https://codimd.ietf.org/notes-ietf-110-suit#

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