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Ops Area: Robert Wilton, Warren Kumari | 2008-Apr-29 —  

IETF-110 netmod minutes

Session 2021-03-12 1700-1900: Room 4 - netmod chatroom


minutes-110-netmod-01 minutes

          # DRAFT
          # Minutes for the NETMOD 110 WG Session
          Please help capture the discussion in-line below.
          No need to cover what is on the slides, just the discussion.
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          ### Note takers:
          # IETF 110 Agenda
          Version February 23 2021
          ### Session material:
          ### Session:
             Friday March 12
             UTC: 16:00-18:00 (Session III)
          ### WG Chairs:
             Lou Berger (lberger@labn.net)
             Kent Watsen (kent+ietf@watsen.net)
             Joel Jaeggli (joelja@bogus.com)
          ### Available During Session:
             Jabber:         xmpp:netmod@jabber.ietf.org?join
          ### Available During / After Session:
             CodiMD:        https://codimd.ietf.org/notes-ietf-110-netmod
             Slides (TGZ):
             Slides (PDF):
          ### Available After Session:
             Recording:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glLcpQ9kpv0
             Jabber Logs:   https://www.ietf.org/jabber/logs/netmod
          ## 1. Introduction
             Chairs (10 minutes)
             Session Intro & WG Status
            16:01 lou berger presenting
            Rob Wilton - nmda diff AD review changes discussed with Andy, will
            ask the working group if anyone objects
            joel - if changes are made we'll typically ask the working group if
            there are any objections and that's it.
            Rob - ietf / ieee coordination - on subinterface model draft appendix
            text that refers to the ieee yang models that may be innacrurate. trying
            to get text agree with ieee yangsters
            lou - scott mansfield will be helping with the ieee coordination
            Balzas - updates forthcoming
          ## Chartered items:
          ## 2. YANG Versioning Update (10 min)
             Jason Sterne
          16:12 Jason Sterne presenting
              5 total drafts in this set
          lou - little confusing what the first two are
          jason - ignoring requirement and solution overview
              mean the version and semver drafts
          lou - we don't want to get to far and figure out that we need to change
          something in those two.
          kent - similar problem in netconf - chairs plan to hold drafts in  queue,
          until set is ready to go and we don't thrash the ad queue
          Tim Carey - clarification of holding
          Jason - we don't wait for all 5 to be ready but they should be shortly
          behind the last 2.
          Lou - chair wrap up
          ## 3 Module versioning update & open issues (20-30 min)
             Reshad Rahman
             16:24 Reshad Rahman presenting
             Rob - discussion of iana feedback
             Kent - reminds me of the discussion of critical extenstion statements -
             handling it this way is probably the best way we can do it for now
             Rob - do as part of comparison draft or for yang next.
             Kent - should / should not are effectively musts
             Reshad - sure for the general public, you have to have a very good
             Italo Busi - is effectively must not
             Jason - one of cases is a change in  value space of a state leaf
             (should be backwards compatible) might still want to flag it.
             Kent - how do we close this item? on list or a hum?
             Reshad - it is a new issue
             Kent - should not is ok
             Jason - to subtle to be reduced to a hum
             Lou - I suspect a should is fine. to move this forward, put
             consideration of why you might not follow it
             Rob - almost mirrors Lou's comment - list feedback once text is
             Rob - was rare usage in semver
          ## 4 YANG Semver (20 min)
             Joe Clarke
             16:47 joe clark presenting
             Kent - would be helpful for validation tools to flag when semver
             revision label isn't present
             Italo - do you mean IETF modules?
             Joe - text to address first time drafts, drafts, module development
             would include semantic version revision label
             Reshad - will need to provide guidance to yang doctors
          ## 5 Self Describing Data Object Tags (10 min) 1701
             Qin Wu
             17:02 Qin wu presenting
             Tim - thoughts about incorporating open metrics work?
                 are you proposing a nodal tag called guage for example?
             Qin - worth looking into
             Kent - there is a concept of creating generic node tags and metrics
             appear to  be intermingled?
             Qin - we tag metric related data objects with second category of tag
             to classify these objects
             Rob - some of the tags like ietf object seems similar to list and
             leaf element. the metric one is a bit different, should look into
             whether the property can  be infered from the yang model already.
          ## 6 A YANG Data model for ECA Policy Management (20 min)
             Qin Wu / Xufeng Liu / Alex Clemm
             17:18 Qin Wu presenting
             Tim - are you suggesting that the eca would express intent?
             Qin - eca is more focused is imperative (what it is)
             Tim - policy in this draft is the realization rather than expression
             of intent
             Rob - unclear how this sort of function call works
             Qin - more description of what it  is doing
             Rob - of there are multiple implmentations describe them as feature
             key words so not all implmentations have to implement all of them.
             Xufeng -
          ## Non-Chartered items:
          ## 7 IETF/IEEE YANG MAC address issue (15 min)
          Scott Mansfield
              17:39 Scott Manfield presenting
              Tim - is this a problem that the industry needs to resolve or does
              the ieee come into alignment with the rest of the world
              Scott - yeah it not taken that well when you tell the ieee the mac
                  ieee 802 difference between : - is considered obsolete
                  suggestion that the ieee would create a data-type without
                  a seperator
                  macs are strings  in yang
              lou - normalize mac as an option in the ieee is what you were
                  there are more options in there
                  why ask the ietf
                  fully but into this being a real issue
              italo - for backward compatibility allow the backend to do comparison
              between types
              scott - a better solution then asking people to change the datatype
              rob - don't think it's the ietf postion that this is the ieee's
              kent - stringified format is just used in tools, on wire it's a
              binary type e.g. in cbor it's binary
              rob - upper vs lower case is still a problem
              kent - we are done. 18:05
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