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Managed Incident Lightweight Exchange (Active WG)
Sec Area: Eric Rescorla, Benjamin Kaduk | 2011-Oct-25 —  

IETF-103 mile minutes

Session 2018-11-05 1610-1810: Boromphimarn 4 - Audio stream - mile chatroom


minutes-103-mile-00 minutes

          Managed Incident Lightweight Exchange (MILE) Minutes
          Monday Afternoon session II
          16:10-18:10, November 5, (Bangkok)
          Chairs: Nancy Cam-Winget and Takeshi Takahashi,
          Note Takers: Chris Inacio and Roman Danilyw
          Jabber scribe: Bret Jordan
          MILE status
          presenters: chairs
          The chairs summarized the status of the WG -- updated charter language
          and associated drafts.
          Per draft-ietf-mile-rolie-csirt-00:
          Q: (Nancy) Are there volunteers to review the CSIRT ROILE drafts?
          A: Roman. Mike, Wei(??), Frank
          Q: (Nancy) Are there volunteers to help with the STIX mapping to ROILE?
          A: Bret would work with Stephen on doing that mapping
             Bret already has a bunch of text, needs answers from
             Banghart/Waltermire to finish up
          ROLIE CSIRT extension is expired draft; reach out to Banghart and/or
          Waltermire to submit WG draft
          XMPP Grid
          presenter: Nancy Cam Winget
          draft: draft-ietf-mile-xmpp-grid-07
          Nancy Cam-Winget summarized status of the XMPP grid draft.
          Tried to get rid of NITS in submission, and moved XEP's from Normative
          to Informative, although they are likely to be Normative.  Will work
          with AD and publication to fix if needed.
          JSON IODEF
          presenters: Takeshi Takahashi, Mio Suzuki
          draft: draft-ietf-mile-jsoniodef-06
          slides (draft overview):
          slides (JSON-XML converter):
          Takeshi Takahashi summarized the status on the JSON-IODEF draft.
          Authors believe the draft is ready for WGLC.
          Q: (Bret Jordan): There is limited tooling for CDDL - to consume or
          process.  There there is going to be adoption, programming support is
          A: (Alexey Melnikov): I'm not sure that's true
          A: (Takeshi Takahashi): We are using the CDL tool developed by Carsten
          A: (Alexey Melnikov): CDDL is about to be completed and is going through
          A: (Bret Jordan): Wants it to have more programming languages and
          support and adoption by industry; worried that we shouldn't use it in
          our stanadards without larger adoption
          A: (Nancy): cbor.io/tools has listed tools
          Q: (Frank Liang Xia): Why did you switch from JSON to CBOR since
          compactness of format isn't a priority here
          A: (Takeshi Takahashi): JSON schema was not ready at the time.
          CDDL provides an approach for a schema
          A: (Chris Inacio): CDDL is the schema definition language; and CDDL also
          allows the ability to act as a schema for JSON
          A: (Alexey Melnikov): CDDL has directly generate JSON (but certain typing
          will be lost)
          Errata in IODEFv2 found and converting REAL to xs:Float to enable
          Alexey Melnikov: working group agrees to errata and I'll approve it
          Roman Danyliw: Yes, errata is correct
          Alexey Melnikov: approve errata message
          Roman Danyliw: yes I will
          Roman Danyliw: second errata is correct as well, will respond to errata
          Chair: reviewer please
          Frank will review
          Chair: by December
          Frank: Yes
          Mio Suzuki summarized progress and showed a demon of a XML-to-JSON
          converter tool refined at this year's Hackathon.

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