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MBONE Deployment (Active WG)
Ops Area: Robert Wilton, Warren Kumari | 1996-Aug-26 —  

IETF-112 mboned minutes


minutes-112-mboned-00 minutes

          IETF 112 (Online)
          MBONED Agenda
          Wed, Nov 10, 2021
          12:00-14:00 UTC
          Wed Session I, Room 4
          Note-taker: Jake Holland, Kyle Rose
          Jabber Log: https://jabber.ietf.org/jabber/logs/mboned/2021-11-10.html
          Video log: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCl9NlRZoik
          Notes taken in etherpad at https://notes.ietf.org/notes-ietf-112-mboned#
          Text (from 11/16/21) pasted below for reference:
          Status of WG items
          Chairs, 10 min
          iOS Multicast entitlement process
          Tommy Pauly, 15 min
              Jake: x.local names with mdns that’s not dns-sd?
                  one-time popup to permit apps to communicate with local network,
                  permission can be changed later in settings. Reason can be
                  provided in popup.
              Jake: any difference between ssm and asm? global vs. local scoped
              Jake: any changes likely on this front going forward?
                  nope. stayed the same for last release, we know of no other
                  needs here.
              Lenny: entitlement is not for users, right?
                  right, just a developer process at build time
              Lenny: do they generally get approved on request?
                  yes, thousands approved. there were some that didn’t, but most
                  are legit, or we push them toward an api suited to their use case
                  (e.g. bonjour)
          Multicast to the Browser: draft-ietf-mboned-ambi, draft-ietf-mboned-cbacc,
          draft-ietf-mboned-dorms, draft-ietf-mboned-mnat
          Jake Holland, 40 min
              for background on drafts, see IETF 111 summary:
              Sandy: Will the proposal require any changes to multicast group
              management protocols?
                  no, only transports and only from UDP up, nothing else would be
                  affected, as far as i know.
              Lenny: “There isn’t enough interest” seems to be a subjective
              judgment, and contradicts the existence of work today, which presumes
                  Ekr’s contention is that Chromium people seem lukewarm on it.
                  Jake’s impression is that Chromium folks want to see more
                  interest before putting work into this.
                  Jake is seeing more interest from third parties (e.g., Comcast,
                  Virgin Media) who are interested in multicast as a scalability
              Lenny: One of other concerns is integrity
                  AMBI provides integrity, and no one contended it wouldn’t
                  work. Probably belongs in msec or whatever forum winds up taking
                  this work on.
                  Sec AD said “it’s not using any novel crypto, and doesn’t
                  do anything tricky re: crypto agility, etc., so it probably
                  doesn’t present anything especially challenging from a security
                  perspective”, but Jake feels there’s enough complexity there
                  to warrant additional security attention.
              Lenny: So AMBI would do it, if it gets more eyeballs?
                  Yes, though the AMBI equivalent for QUIC datagrams will likely
                  be slightly different.
          BIER and AMT Deployment in RARE/GEANT Network
          Csaba Mate/Frederic Loui, 20 min
              Jake: nice work, is there plans to run the DNS-based AMT discovery?
                  maybe, we need to make it easier so senders and receivers don’t
                  know the amt parts
                  jake: yes exacty, please look at RFC 8777, will talk more on
                  the list.
              Tim: next important thing is to get content online, looking for good
              ways to pull in content and make it available. right now traffic
              is low, just eumetstat, but vision is to make it possible for more
              people to stream whatever.
              Lenny: How difficult to implement AMT? Spec clear?
              Csaba: Wasn’t difficult
              Frederic: Want to make sure to invite people, this is an open lab,
              contact us and we can make sure you can make use of it and help you
              get going
          Offnet Sourcing Demo
          Lenny Giuliano, 10 min
              demo results: choppy for some users, but people got it running
              jake: might want to run this on a driad discoverable relay, will
              see if i can fit it in. lmk if anyone wants to see it.
              Frederic: we’ll look at how to run this in the p4 lab, this looks
              like maybe a useful source of content
          Yisong Liu, 10 min
              jake: would like to see more specifics on failover, how the need
              for failover is detected and signaled, at least recommendations
              on existing approaches. very useful space to work in, thanks for
              working on it.

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