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Measurement and Analysis for Protocols (MAP) - Research Group

The Measurement and Analysis for Protocols (MAP) Research Group (RG) explores Internet conditions by measurement with the aim to inform protocol engineering and operator practice.

For the full charter see: https://datatracker.ietf.org/rg/maprg/charter/

MAPRG Presentations

One of the main sort of deliverables of MAPRG is measurement reports in the form of presentations. Here are the recordings of select presentations:

July 2016

  • DSCP and the Evil Bit YouTube slides, Runa Barik, July 2016
  • A View Through Happy Eyeballs: Client-side IPv6 Metrics YouTube slides, Tommy Pauly, July 2016
  • Temporal and Efficient Analysis of Services Availability YouTube slides, Johannes Klick, July 2016
  • WebRTC Performance Analytics YouTube slides, Varun Singh, July 2016
  • Anycast vs. DDoS: Evaluating the November 2015 Root DNS Event YouTube slides, Giovane C. M. Moura, July 2016
  • Measurement and Analysis for the Internet of Things YouTube slides, Dave Plonka, July 2016
  • Beyond Counting: New Perspectives on the Active IPv4 Address Space YouTube slides, Philipp Richter, July 2016
  • Network Operator Measurement Activity (NOMA) YouTube slides, Leslie Daigle & John Brzozowski, July 2016

April 2016

Mailing List and Membership


Membership in the MAPRG is open to all interested parties.


Two previous meeting of the Proposed How Ossified is the Protocol Stack? Research Group (hopsrg) were held:

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