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IETF-108 Agenda

SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY Agenda of the 108th IETF Meeting To see the list of unofficial side meetings, please see the meeting wiki. July 25-31, 2020
                    Updated 2020-07-06 14:31:52 PDT
                                 Room Maps

   IETF agendas are subject to change, up to and during the meeting.

MONDAY, July 20, 2020

1400-1500  Hackathon Kickoff - Hackathon         

WEDNESDAY, July 22, 2020

1800-1900  IEPG Meeting - Room 1            

THURSDAY, July 23, 2020

1500-1600  Newcomers' Quick Connections (Open to Newcomers. Note that pre-registration is required) - Quick Connections 
1800-1930  Technology Deep Dive: DNS - Room 1            

FRIDAY, July 24, 2020

1400-1500  Hackathon Closing - Hackathon         
1500-1600  TSV AD Office Hours -

SATURDAY, July 25, 2020

1600-1800  Code Sprint - Code Sprint       

MONDAY, July 27, 2020

1100-1240  Session I
Room 1             ART   dispatch    audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Dispatch WG - Joint with ARTAREA     
Room 2             IRTF  pearg       audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Privacy Enhancements and Assessments
Research Group Room 3 RTG spring   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Source Packet Routing in Networking Room 4 SEC sacm   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Security Automation and Continuous M-
onitoring Room 5 SEC teep   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Trusted Execution Environment Provis-
ioning Room 6 TSV dtn   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networking Room 8 TSV tcpm   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger TCP Maintenance and Minor Extensions 1300-1350 Session II Room 1 ART asap   audio audio pencil   color tagger Automatic SIP trunking And Peering Room 2 ART cbor   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Concise Binary Object Representation
Maintenance and Extensions Room 3 INT intarea   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Internet Area Working Group Room 4 IRTF nwcrg   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Coding for efficient NetWork Communi-
cations Research Group Room 5 OPS sidrops   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger SIDR Operations Room 6 RTG babel   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Babel routing protocol Room 7 RTG detnet   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Deterministic Networking Room 8 TSV tcpm   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger TCP Maintenance and Minor Extensions 1410-1550 Session III Room 1 ART webtrans   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger WebTransport Room 2 IAB rfcefdp   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger RFC Editor Future Development Room 3 IRTF qirg   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Quantum Internet Research Group Room 4 OPS bmwg   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Benchmarking Methodology Room 5 OPS grow   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Global Routing Operations Room 6 RTG teas   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Traffic Engineering Architecture and
Signaling Room 7 SEC gnap   audio audio pencil   color tagger Grant Negotiation and Authorization
Protocol Room 8 TSV alto   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Application-Layer Traffic Optimizati-
TUESDAY, July 28, 2020

1100-1240  Session I
Room 1             ART   asdf        audio audio pencil   color tagger BOF: A Semantic Definition Format for Dat-
a and Interactions of Things BOF Room 2 INT 6man   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger IPv6 Maintenance Room 3 IRTF irtfopen   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger IRTF Open Meeting Room 4 OPS netconf   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Network Configuration Room 5 RTG bess   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger BGP Enabled ServiceS Room 6 SEC ipsecme   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger IP Security Maintenance and Extensio-
ns Room 7 SEC lamps   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Limited Additional Mechanisms for PK-
IX and SMIME Room 8 TSV masque   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Multiplexed Application Substrate ov-
er QUIC Encryption 1300-1350 Session II Room 1 ART dmarc   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Domain-based Message Authentication,
Reporting & Conformance Room 2 IAB iabopen   audio audio pencil   color tagger IAB Open Meeting Room 3 IRTF gaia   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Global Access to the Internet for All Room 4 OPS mops   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Media OPerationS Room 5 RTG ccamp   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Common Control and Measurement Plane Room 6 RTG nvo3   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Network Virtualization Overlays Room 7 SEC mls   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Messaging Layer Security Room 8 SEC rats   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Remote ATtestation ProcedureS 1410-1550 Session III Room 1 ART core   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Constrained RESTful Environments Room 2 IRTF hrpc   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Human Rights Protocol Considerations Room 3 OPS opsawg   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Ops & Mgmt Area Working Group WG
- Combined OpsAWG / OpsAREA Room 4 RTG pce   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Path Computation Element Room 5 RTG pim   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Protocols for IP Multicast Room 6 SEC tls   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Transport Layer Security Room 7 TSV tsvwg   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Transport Area Working Group 1600-1700 RTG Area Office Hours -
WEDNESDAY, July 29, 2020

1100-1240  Session I
Room 1             ART   emailcore   audio audio pencil   color tagger BOF: Revision of core Email specification-
s BOF Room 2 IRTF nmrg   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Network Management Room 3 OPS dnsop   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Domain Name System Operations Room 4 RTG bier   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Bit Indexed Explicit Replication Room 5 SEC ace   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Authentication and Authorization for
Constrained Environments Room 6 SEC rats   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Remote ATtestation ProcedureS Room 7 TSV quic   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger QUIC 1300-1350 Session II Room 1 INT 6lo   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger IPv6 over Networks of Resource-const-
rained Nodes Room 2 OPS dnsop   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Domain Name System Operations Room 3 RTG lisp   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Locator/ID Separation Protocol Room 4 RTG rift   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Routing In Fat Trees Room 5 SEC cose   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger CBOR Object Signing and Encryption Room 6 TSV tsvarea   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Transport Area Open Meeting 1410-1550 IETF Plenary - Plenary   docs audio video pencil jabber jabber  The agenda has not been uploaded yet.
THURSDAY, July 30, 2020

1100-1240  ANRW: DNS and BGP - Room 1            

1100-1240  Session I
Room 2             ART   extra       audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Email mailstore and eXtensions To Re-
vise or Amend WG - Joint with JMAP Room 2 ART jmap   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger JSON Mail Access Protocol WG
- Joint with EXTRA Room 3 OPS anima   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Autonomic Networking Integrated Mode-
l and Approach Room 4 RTG raw   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Reliable and Available Wireless Room 5 SEC secdispatc  audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Security Dispatch Room 6 TSV tsvwg   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Transport Area Working Group 1300-1350 ANRW: Protocol testing - Room 1 1300-1350 Session II Room 2 ART avtcore   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Audio/Video Transport Core Maintenan-
ce Room 3 GEN gendispatc  audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger General Area Dispatch Room 4 INT lpwan   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger IPv6 over Low Power Wide-Area Networ-
ks Room 5 RTG bfd   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Bidirectional Forwarding Detection Room 6 RTG lsvr   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Link State Vector Routing Room 7 SEC saag   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Security Area Open Meeting 1410-1550 ANRW: Transport protocols - Room 1 1410-1550 Session III Room 2 INT add   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Adaptive DNS Discovery Room 3 INT drip   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Drone Remote ID Protocol Room 4 OPS netmod   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Network Modeling Room 5 RTG lsr   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Link State Routing Room 6 SEC acme   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Automated Certificate Management Env-
FRIDAY, July 31, 2020

1100-1240  Session I
Room 1             ART   regext      audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Registration Protocols Extensions    
Room 2             GEN   shmoo       audio audio pencil   color tagger Stay Home Meet Only Online           
Room 3             INT   ntp         audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Network Time Protocol                
Room 4             RTG   rtgwg       audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Routing Area Working Group           
Room 5             SEC   lake        audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Lightweight Authenticated Key Exchan-
ge Room 6 SEC suit   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Software Updates for Internet of Thi-
ngs Room 7 TSV loops   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger BOF: Local Optimizations on Path Segments
BOF 1300-1350 ANRW: Monitoring and Logging - Room 1 1300-1350 Session II Room 2 ART calext   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Calendaring Extensions Room 3 ART wpack   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Web Packaging Room 4 INT 6man   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger IPv6 Maintenance Room 5 RTG mpls   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Multiprotocol Label Switching Room 6 SEC emu   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger EAP Method Update 1410-1550 Session III Room 1 ART core   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Constrained RESTful Environments Room 2 ART stir   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Secure Telephone Identity Revisited Room 3 INT dprive   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger DNS PRIVate Exchange Room 4 IRTF coinrg   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Computing in the Network Research Gr-
oup Room 5 OPS mboned   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger MBONE Deployment Room 6 RTG idr   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Inter-Domain Routing Room 7 SEC privacypass  audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger Privacy Pass Room 8 TSV ippm   audio audio pencil jabber jabber color tagger IP Performance Measurement ====================================================================
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